Ceiling Attic Access

Your typical ceiling attic access hole. It's usually located in one of the hallways or in one of the closets.

I have seen attic access openings in every room of the house, and the more home inspections you do or estimating as a building contractor, like I have been doing for so many years you will see these attic access openings in some of the most peculiar places you could imagine.

Some of these attic access openings have lights for the attic, simply open the access lid and look around for a light switch. The light switch is normally with in an arm's length away from the opening.

If you run across any damaged ceiling attic access lids, they can be replaced with a painted piece of plywood to match the ceiling. This is not a difficult job and it is relatively inexpensive to replace one of these access covers.

Most of these access lids are made from drywall and can be replaced with a new piece of drywall and in a situation like the picture above, the drywall attic access lid could be sprayed with acoustic ceiling texture and then replaced to match almost perfectly.