Dirt Against Wood Fence

This dirt couldn't be in a worse spot, up against the wood fence. This dirt looks loose and is not compacted so as a home inspector this will give you a clue that the dirt was removed from another part of the property and put up against the fence, to get rid of it.

What will happen over time is the wood post holding the fence up will start to rot out a little bit faster than it would if the dirt was a little bit lower.

What this does is allows the bottom part of the wood fence to stay damp longer. The higher the dirt the more moisture the wood post will retain and over time it will either attract termites or start to rot.

The dirt against this wood fence will actually start to rot the lower two by fours and bottom of the 1 x 6 fencing.

I would imagine with in five years this fence will have to be replaced or lowered about 12 inches.

Remember it is a good idea to keep as much water as you possibly can away from wood fences.