Heavy Wood Soffit

This is a large roof overhang and it is creating a heavy wood sofit. Hopefully the sofit was designed as part of the original building and not installed afterwards.

If you find out that this overhang was installed during a remodel, find out if there where any permits pulled from the city building department. If permits where pulled then you shouldn't have problems with the sofit.

Large sofits like these add a lot of weight to the roof overhang and could cause it to sag eventually. These areas are going to be tough to examine if there is no attic access.

If you can visually see, any part of this wood sofit while you are inspecting the attic, look for clues that will lead you to a possible conclusion, on whether this was installed later or is part of the original building.

One of your first clues, if visible in the attic, would be a painted roof eave, above the wood sofit. This area should have air circulating through it to prevent moisture from accumulating and creating wood rot.

There are no sofit vents to provide air circulation above the sofit, so make sure there is adequate circulation in the attic.