Post Saddle Beam Shrinkage

In the picture above, the beam looks like it has a gap underneath it and the bolts that run through the metal bracket are now holding up the roof structure, instead of the beam sitting on top of the metal bracket and transferring the weight to the post properly.

This could be from the beam shrinking. To check this simply, take a measuring tape and measure the width of the beam. The width of this being should be 5 1/2 inches and is now 5 3/8".

This is not a big concern, because lumber does shrink and expand, over time.

This would not be something I would be concerned about but wanted to give you an example of lumber shrinkage.

This could also have been from the original construction, the holes could have been drilled in the wrong spot and actually lifted the beam up a little, when the bolts were tightened.

This is not uncommon and if you keep your eye out, over time, you will see this in new construction, on a regular basis.

Sometimes the square edge of the beam does not work too well with the rounded corners of the metal brackets. If this is the case, the beam corners should be rounded or chamfered a little bit, so the beam will sit squarely on top of the metal bracket.

After this the holes should be drilled with a sharp bit and then you can use the bolts to fasten the beam to the bracket properly.