Posts Bolted To Side Of Landing

Bolting post to the side of a floor landing fascia board, is not that good of an idea. The weight of the roof is now transferred to these three bolts or lag screws. If one of these posts were to crack at the weak spot, now created by the three bolts that are holding it in place.

The entire roof above would collapse. The weight of the roof could actually cause the floor landing and stairway to collapse also.

These post should have sat on top of the second floor landing. Transferring the weight from the roof structure, directly on top of the floor. This is something that should be written up during your home inspection.

We are assuming that these are bolts but could actually be lag screws. I would prefer bolts to lag screws in a situation like this.

These post should be examined on a regular basis for cracks or other damage that could cause structural failure. These posts create a safety hazard for the building occupants and should be examined by a structural engineer for safety.