Remove Mats In Bathtub

While doing your home inspections, you should remove all rugs or mats that in the house to inspect the flooring underneath them.

In this case make sure you remove all bathtub mats like the one shown in the picture above, to inspect for any damage to the bathtub.

My guess is that, this bath tub is not damaged because the rest of the tub looks like it is in good shape. However do not be fooled into believing this is so.

The black arrow points to a chip out of the bathtub that is starting to rust. This might not be major damage right now but should be repaired to extend the life of the bathtub.

Most repair kits for bathtubs can be purchased at your local home improvement centers and are quite inexpensive and easy to use.

This bathtub is made from cast iron and a chip like this will usually take years to rust all the way through, eventually creating a water leak and damage to the home.