Structural Floor Beam Repair

Here's a structural floor beam that is in the process of being replaced, the problem is wood rot. My guess is that the wood rot was caused from poor crawlspace ventilation.

I couldn't see any foundation vents around the entire building. Whenever I run into a situation like this I often wonder if the contractors or construction workers doing the work even take the time, to figure out some of the possibilities of how the damage was actually created.

This is one of the reasons why I built this website and am writing books. I would like more contractors and homeowners to have a better understanding of how things get damaged, or even how the damage could be prevented in the future.

I've seen home repairs that were actually repaired worse than their original condition, creating a bigger problem than before. Sometimes a problem like this structural floor beam replacement can be prevented in the future by installing a few inexpensive foundation vents.

Think about it, it's common sense most of the time.