Weeds Growing In Roof Tile

It's not too often you're going to find plants growing in your roofing materials. This picture was actually taken in an extremely humid climate.

Clay tiles will absorb any moisture they possibly can. This will allow some plants to grow on them or in between the tiles. The biggest problem in a situation like this would be to throw a little bit of soil or dirt onto the roofing.

Now you're probably wondering how did they get dirt on top of the Clay roofing tiles. My best guess would be through winds or dust storms, but who really knows.

Don't forget that leaves on top of the roof decompose and decomposed leaves turn into excellent soil for growing any plants. Now all we need are a few seeds from the wind or birds to have a nice garden growing on our roofing.

These plans will eventually destroy the roofing materials and should be removed as soon as possible. I do not recommend walking on a roof in this condition because it could be extremely slippery.

I do recommend contacting a professional or a roofing contractor to prevent further damage to this roof.

This roof might need to be disassembled, cleaned and put back together in order to prevent this from happening again.