Block Wall Structural Damage

I really can't tell if the damage to the block wall is from the tree roots on the other side or was hit by a car, creating these large cracks.

These are major structural cracks in a block wall and continue from the base of the wall to the top of the wall.

One of our first clues, that suggest the wall was hit by a car, there's a section of the wall that's pushed in a little bit. Look closely at the arrow on the right, in the picture and you can see what I'm talking about.

There is a very good chance that this wall was never grouted or filled with cement. This block wall might not have any rebar in it either.

The four inch wide blocks creates another problem. The 4 inch width of the wall with no rebar or grout, makes this wall extremely weak. You could probably push this section of the wall over, with little effort.

This wall can be repaired and some concrete parking stops, should be installed to prevent cars from running into the block wall.

If another car was to run into this already damaged wall it could very easily knock a section of the wall over.

Missing Concrete Car Stops