Dirt Stains On White Stucco

Dirt stains like this on a stucco wall are pretty common and are usually caused from sprinklers that water the stucco as well as the planters or lawn.

If the home has not been painted a solution to the problem could be simply to clean the stucco with soap and water. If the soap and water does not work you can try a mixture of muratic acid and water.

Mix the Muratic acid one part to every three parts of water. Use rubber gloves and a brush to scrub the wall, and read the instructions on the package or box about the dangers and uses of Muratic acid before you purchase the product.

Use extreme safety measures when using Muratic acid and do not breathe the fumes, do not get any acid on your skin or in your eyes.

The dirt stains could also be from hand watering the yard with a hose and splashing dirt on to the stucco which in turn would cause staining.

If the sprinklers are causing the problem make sure to adjust the sprinklers to make sure they do not keep watering the wall.

The water will eventually damage the stucco and wood framing, creating structural problems in the future, especially if the stucco wall the sprinklers are spraying is a wall holding up important parts of the home.