Empty Building Lot

Some empty building lots become eyesores over time if the property owner has very little interest in maintaining the property.

This seems to be a big problem with so many people owning real estate that live either out of state or even out of this country.

If you live near a property like this you can always contact your local government or planning department and find out who is responsible for maintaining the property.

If you can't get any answers, contact your local fire department and sometimes these people can get the property cleaned to prevent a fire hazard.

Keep in mind some empty building lots will be built on eventually and if you are thinking about purchasing a home near one, it would be a good idea to find out what the property is zoned for.

The property could be zoned for a large shopping mall or even a school, which could create a problem for you later.

I lived across the street from an empty property for over 15 years, that was eventually built on, the new property owners now look at a large retaining wall over 20 feet high, where before the property was developed there was a nice view of the surrounding hills and area.

Empty lots when built on, eventually mean more people in the area to create more traffic also.

I have mentioned this before and mention it in my book also, it seems like most people don't give enough thought before purchasing a home, but will have plenty of time after the home purchase to become more irritated because they didn't realize some of the problems in the area.

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