House Wall Stucco Damage

This stucco damage is pretty common on homes without weep screed. Older homes built before the 1960s will usually have stucco that goes into the ground like this home pictured above.

This situation allows moisture in the ground to soak into the stucco and eventually work its way up the walls. The problem is as you see the stucco will start to deteriorate over time and fall off of the wall.

If the home has been painted sometimes just a thin layer of the color coat will peel off of the wall. Usually the better the paint, for example a semi gloss or a glossy exterior paint will actually create a waterproof seal over the stucco.

This waterproof exterior will keep moisture away from the stucco on the exterior while creating a problem on the interior.

The moisture in the grounds will be pulled up into the stucco and will not evaporate out because of the excellent waterproof seal that has been applied over the stucco.

This of course will keep the moisture in longer and could eventually create damage to the interior framing.

The best way to fix this problem is to install a weep screed around the entire perimeter of the home.