Pipes Outside Brick Home

Pipes on the outside of any home are unattractive and do not look like they are part of the home. In a situation like this the house is made out of brick and the plumbing pipes would actually create structural damage if they were chiseled into the wall.

There are other ways to install pipes to where they will not be visible in a brick house, but it can become quite costly.

I would suggest in a situation like this to simply plant a nice hedge in front of the pipes to hide them.

Always make sure the drainpipes have some sort of fall to them, most of the time it is recommended to have at least a quarter of an inch per foot fall.

Now looking at the brick lines on the house you can see there is a problem with the drain pipe where the arrow is pointing to. Most brick lines are level and you can see this pipe has almost no slope to it and will allow the water and waste to build up inside of the pipe, later creating blockage or clogged pipe.

Sometimes home inspectors find one problem and miss another. For example looking at these pipes you might think they are obtrusive or an eyesore to look at and completely miss the fact that there is no slope in the pipe.

You will not find everything that is wrong with a house but over time you will develop a keen sense on what to look for.