Rear Property Easement

Some homes are built with property in back of their backyards or even on the side of their side yards. As you can see in the picture above, this rear property easements has a few trees with very little ground cover.

If you see a hillside without any ground cover this means you will eventually have soil erosion problems. This could affect your property over time.

If this property is not maintained by a homeowners association, that means the city probably maintains the area. Most cities will do very little maintenance with properties like this and you could very well find yourself maintaining the property.

Keep this in mind when inspecting a house you are thinking about purchasing. You can see some dirt from the hillside is creating a problem on the sidewalk and will need to be cleaned regularly.

If you enjoy taking walks around your neighborhood you might consider bringing a large brome for some additional exercise.

In some areas the sidewalks are rarely cleaned or maintained and if this is a concern of yours, try to gather some more information about who's responsible for the maintenance and how often it will be cleaned.