Roof Shingles From Tear Off

Whenever you see damaged or broken shingles like this in a attic, there is a good chance that the roofing has been replaced.

These are scrap pieces of wood shingles and roofing paper, with the possibility of old composition shingles included in the mess.

Before the house could be re-roofed, the old shingles needed to be removed and these are the scrap pieces that fell between the space sheeting.

Some attics will be covered with this debris and this should be mentioned in your home inspection report.

Some roofing debris would be hard to clean up and realistically is not going to cause any damage to the home. Sometime you will find the roofing debris all over the entire attic, I have seen plenty of attic's with roofing debris scattered throughout them over the years.

If you run into a situation like this where there is just a little bit clean, I would recommend cleaning the mess up, simply because I like things clean if possible.