Sliding Glass Door Remodel

Looking at the shape of the sliding glass door, it does not look like it has been replaced recently. Looking at the different colors on the walls gives us a clue that something has happened recently.

It could simply be that someone started to paint the house and stopped for whatever reason.

While doing your home inspection this will be a red flag to you and you will need to investigate this area a little closer.

Maybe the sliding glass door was installed a few years ago but never finished on the inside or outside. This over time would allow moisture into the wall framing, with the possibilities of damage and mold.

Again this is a good time to ask the homeowner if possible or even one of the neighbors if you are thinking about purchasing a home to get a little more information about the sliding glass door and the home itself.

This might sound a little odd but never underestimate any homeowners while doing a home inspection. Some homeowners will install used building materials that might be in a little better shape than the item they are going to be replacing but still damaged.

I have seen this done and have had people ask me to do it for them. My response is simply that they are throwing good money away by installing a poor product into their home.