Stucco Finish Around Windows

Whenever you see signs of stucco patching around windows, this will be your first clue that the windows have been replaced recently.

Your only concern is, were they installed and flashed properly. If there was a building permit pulled for the window replacement, there is a good chance the inspector inspected them but keep one thing in mind this does not mean they were installed properly.

Inspectors could overlook window lathing problems on the upper windows if they did not climb up and inspect them. Sometimes on a job like this a building inspector will only look at a few of the windows to make sure they were installed properly.

Looking at the stucco patch on the exterior, it looks like it was done by a professional and this is a good clue that the windows also were done by a professional.

However do not assume this to be true. This is something you will not be able to check as a home inspector.

If the windows do start to leak within a few years of installation, at least you will have a good idea why they are leaking. Either from poor installation or damaged windows.