Stucco Patch Over Window

The stucco patch made over this window looks like there might have been a leak on the interior and someone knocked a hole into the stucco wall to install a piece of L metal to help with the water problem.

The problem with the L metal (which is normally used as a roof drip edge) that was installed is that it is not the right metal for this application. The metal will help with the problem and could actually work just fine.

The correct metal to use would be a water table metal that bends all the way around the wood trim. This metal would allow all of the water to flow over the window trim.

The metal that has been installed will let the moisture from the stucco accumulate on top of the wood trim, allowing it to roll back into the house and could actually create a bigger problem than the original one.

Be aware as a potential homeowner, when you run into a situation like this, how many other windows have the same problem and will need to be repaired.