Attic Ventilation Holes

Attic ventilation holes are to provide fresh air circulation in the attic.

This ventilation will help get rid of moisture as the air circulates from the outside, into the attic and out through the gable or dormer vents.

As you can see this house has vents in between every rafter. Maybe this house has a vaulted or cathedral ceiling and requires a vent in every rafter bay.

I went inside the house and that is exactly what is happening here, for most of the house, but this area had 8 foot ceilings with an attic, maybe the builder installed these vent blocks in between every rafter, to keep the outside of the home looking the same. Most homes will have vent blocks every six to 8 feet with solid blocks in between the vent blocks.

On a vaulted ceiling it is a good idea to have ventilation in every rafter bay.