Attic Electrical Problems

The attic is a good place to find electrical problems and other home inspection clues.

As you can see in the picture above, there are loose wires and this is not normal for home construction that was originally inspected by a city building inspector.

The arrows point to the loose wires and in this picture there is some insulation that looks like it's covering a whole house fan. Did someone install this fan correctly?

During your home inspection, when you find loose wires, always find out where they are going to. Why are they there and do they meet the local building code?

Loose wires are always clues that someone has done some work and it might not be up to code. There could be too many outlets or electrical fixtures on one breaker now that someone installed the whole house fan in the attic.

If you find loose wires in the attic and the electrical work looks like it would meet the local building codes, you can simply stapled these wires to the wood framing with electrical Staples. Do not use a regular staple gun. Electrical Staples are about an inch wide and an inch long.