Backyard And Easement Maintenance

Some homes have large backyards that are sectioned off into areas like the one in the picture above. Most of the time as the property owner... you will be responsible... for the maintenance of easements like these.

Sometimes you will be responsible for other easements surrounding the property, also. Make sure you ask the homeowner or real estate professional about these responsibilities.

Find out if there's a home owners associations or H.O.A.

A home owners association usually requires a monthly fee to maintain some of the property throughout the neighborhood.

Some people like neighborhoods with home owners associations, while others don't.

I've been in a situation personally where the homeowners association wasn't even mentioned until I was signing the final paperwork to purchase the property. This irritated me so much that I didn't buy the property.

One of the best tips I can possibly give anyone looking to buy a house would be to gather as much information as possible about the your future responsibilities, of the property.

Some real estate professionals and homeowners forget to inform potential buyers about important issues and it's not always going to be from dishonesty. Some people simply forget. You have to protect yourself and that's one of the reasons why I created this website and books.