Cracks And Gaps Equal Damage

Cracks and gaps are signs there could be damage to the foundation and the house. There is definitely some movement looking at the picture above.

Right where the crack is running into the garage door there is a gap to the left under the garage door where as on the right side of the crack there is no gap and the garage door seals just fine at the bottom.

This could be signs that the foundation located to the left of the garage has done some settling. Even though the gap is not huge, it is big enough to concern a home inspector, you will need to get some more information from the homeowner if possible.

Find out how long the gap has been there and has the crack gotten larger over time. If the homeowner has no clues or information for you, inspect the garage floor for cracks as well as the walls and ceilings.

If there are cracks in the garage floor and they are wide enough to stick a quarter into you could have a structural building problem.

It wouldn't hurt to look at some of the neighbors homes to see if their driveways have the same problems. If their driveways have similar cracks, it could actually be a building flaw which would need to be addressed as soon as possible.

If none of the other driveways in the neighborhood have similar cracks, this isolates the problem to this house and not a building flaw.

Another possible problem here could be a plumbing drain leak, this in turn would be allowing the water to leak into the soil and over time create a soil erosion problem underneath the buildings footing and driveway.

Do not overlook a problem like this as a homeowner or potential homeowner. These are problems that could be fixed early on a lot cheaper than later.