Scenic Land Draws Animals

In the picture above there's a house, located in the upper right hand corner and you are looking at the property surrounding the neighborhood.

Most people would love to have a view like this from their back or front yard. This is a great view but they usually come with a few problems, like most good things often do.

This area provides plenty of space for animals and their habitat. People that live near large tracts of undeveloped land seem to have problems with coyotes, raccoons, mice, rats, possums and other wild animals.

These animals can go under your fence, through your fence or even over your fence. I have heard of mountain lions jumping effortlessly over 9 foot tall block walls and coyotes effortlessly jumping over 6 foot fences, without even touching the fence.

I have never seen this and cannot personally verify it but nevertheless, have heard the stories. If you have cats or dogs, these animals could become easy prey for wild animals.

It's not uncommon to have pets disappear overnight, never to be seen again.