Corner Concrete Wall Cracks

Anytime you see cracks like this coming off of the corner in a solid concrete wall, the building could have structural problems.

You can see the crack on the left, were the black arrow is pointing to, runs a little more horizontal than the crack on the right. Each one of these cracks could have been caused from, the construction workers ending their days work here.

The next day they would start to pour more concrete into the forms and of course the concrete from the day before is drying at a different rate and usually will create a crack.

Keep this in mind while inspecting concrete walls. Some cracks are from the construction process, while others could be structural.

These cracks could signify movement in the foundation and do not look like they are very big. These cracks have probably been here for a long time and might not get very much bigger within a few years.

If these cracks were larger and you could stick a quarter into them, this would be signs of a larger problem and more movement in the foundation.

Not all cracks are going to be structurally related. Keep this in mind when inspecting homes. The last thing you want to do as a home inspector is, tell some one there is a bigger problem than there actually gives.