Brick Veneer Damage Around Vent

In the picture above it looks like someone installed a new foundation vent backwards.

I can tell by looking at this vent that it is for a stucco exterior and was installed backwards.

This is only a problem cosmetically, it just doesn't look like it should. This foundation vent is doing its job properly.

The brick veneer around it, however has loosened up and is falling off the building.

The brick veneer was installed incorrectly, over a poorly prepared surface and is now falling off.

In order to fix this, you will have to remove the brick veneer and create a bondable surface somehow.

This is another case of someone building something with incorrect building materials or poor preparation, only to find out later that most of the brick veneer is now falling off of the building.

Situations like this are reasons why I created this website. To inform homeowners and contractors who are interested in solutions to problems that they could face later on down the road.