Brick Veneer Wall Damage

The brick veneer that is falling off of this block wall building is obviously creating a problem.

It probably won't be long before the rest of the brick falls off.

By looking at the veneer that has fallen off, it was caused from the painted surface on the block building that prevented the cement based bonding adhesive from working properly.

On the inside of the house, this might have lasted for a long time and never have been a problem.

However on the outside of the house, where there is moisture, this creates a problem that becomes someone's nightmare.

Sometimes reading the directions on these building products and adhesives is a great idea. Sometimes it isn't.

I have read the directions for many of the building products used today. Some of these products claim to do things that they don't. Be careful and be advised when selecting a building product that makes great claims with little promise.

I don't think they used the right adhesive here but I also would not blame the manufacture because this looks like regular tile adhesive or thin set and you can't use this over a painted surface. They do sell adhesives you can use but be warned, sometimes they can't perform like you would like them to.