Damaged Roof From Termites

Here's a good example of a damaged roof from termites and by looking at the picture you will see on top of the roof there is a nice pile of leaves. The leaves covering up the roof does not allow moisture to evaporate from the roofing materials.

If the moisture cannot evaporate and continues to seep into the wood framing over a long period of time you are inviting termites to do a house destruction party.

Looking at the edge of the roof it looks like there are at least two layers of composition roof shingles which could hold additional moisture in between the layers of the roofing system itself. This moisture eventually seeps down into the framing.

Two layers of roofing is never a good choice when living in a moist or humid environment.

When you look at the edge of the roof rafters you can see extensive termite damage and I would guess that most of this wood damage is from moisture or condensation flowing off of the composition shingles on to the framing members on a daily basis.

There is a very good chance the roof framing rafters will need to be replaced along with some of the roof sheeting.

This damaged roof from termites should give the home inspector a good sign that the house was not taken care of that good and to look around for additional problems.