Steep Roof Ladder

These steep roofed ladders are used for painting, repairs and roofing hard to walk on roofs. As you can see in the picture above this roof is extremely steep and would be difficult to walk on let alone do any maintenance or repairs.

This ladder usually has the same size ladder on the opposite side of the roof. Sometimes it will require two people to move the ladder.

Another name for this ladder is called a chicken ladder and I don't know where the name came from. Maybe chickens used to climb up and down them are maybe you were a chicken if you couldn't climb onto the ladder.

When working on these ladders be careful and use extreme caution. One slip or misguided step could result in physical injury.

Most home inspectors will not go onto a roof that's steep but will inspect the roof with a pair of binoculars from the ground. This would be a good idea for most homeowners that do their own home inspection.