Termite Damaged Shake Shingles

Wow, termite damage shake shingles who would've ever thought these termites can travel from the ground all the way up to the edge of a roof.

As you can see where the black arrow is pointing to the bottom edge of the roof there is quite a bit of termite damage and relatively unnoticeable by the untrained home inspector. This would be something easy to overlook without the proper home inspecting education.

If you look close enough at the termite damaged shake shingles it goes up about three rows.

Now a good question to ask is why the termite damage to the shake shingles has even occurred when some of the shingles are left untouched by the termites.

This area could be in a moist or shaded spot for most of the day. This will attract termites and of course the possibility of further wood damage.

The lower edge of the shake shingle roof is going to stay moist longer than the upper section because water continually drains down providing an endless supply of moisture in some cases.

These shake shingles will eventually have to be replaced and by examining the surface damage my best guess would be that there is further wood framing damage to the building.