Room Addition Footing Problem

Here's a good example of a room addition that was installed without building permits or structural engineering. As you can see in the picture above, there is very little sheer wall strength, since most of the walls have been removed.

This could create a problem with the home, if there was ever an earthquake or hurricane force winds. This seems to be a problem with room additions that were built by homeowners or inexperienced construction workers and I run into them quite a bit during my travels.

There's a good chance that the footing below this small wall is not strong enough to carry the weight of the remodeled structure. Who knows if the beams are the right size either. The new beams would have to be strong enough to carry the weight of the roof.

It's hard to tell how long something like this will last or the damage that will be done to the home over time. The damage could be as simple as the floors sagging or cracking eventually. It's really hard to tell, because I've seen situations like this, last for many years with very little problems.