Backyard Fence Trouble

This backyard fence looks like it has every sort of building material holding it up. It looks like there is even a piece of drywall and it makes me wonder if the person who owned this house was a handyman of some sort or even a contractor.

Fences like this can be a problem if you don't have enough money to rebuild the fence yourself or even if the homeowner that shares the fence with you does not wish to contribute for the fence to be rebuilt.

When doing a home inspection and you can make a simple note that the fence would need some repairs but if you are thinking of purchasing the house it wouldn't hurt to ask the neighbor about their concerns with the fence itself.

These are things most new homeowners don't seem to think about. When you see events like this it doesn't hurt to meet your possible future neighbor to see if this is someone you would have problem with later on down the road.