Concrete Porch Termite Damage

Here's a good view of what termites can actually do to wood framing when a concrete porch is poured directly up against the framing. The concrete actually acts like a sponge sucking moisture from the dirt or soil up towards the wood itself.

This sounds hard to believe but even if it is not true and I just made all that up you should consider this, concrete next to wood equals wood damage.

You can see here the termites have been quite busy with this section of the house. Most of this damage will not be visible to a home inspector because they will not be removing drywall or stucco in the search for termites.

This gives you an idea as a home inspector or home owner what not to do when pouring a concrete porch next to a wood framed house.

A Tip for the Home Inspector

When a situation like this occurs in a house you are inspecting make sure you use your awl if you can possibly poke into any soft stucco or wood without creating a large hole in the building exterior to locate possible wood damage.

Sometimes this can be done through the flooring on the other side of the wall by using the awl to see how soft the floor is.

Not only will this hole look bad it will increase the moisture damage over a period of time with a spot for moisture to enter into the wood framing.

Don't poke the awl in too hard, if the awl won't go easy don't force it or damage the house in any way, find another approach for finding the wood damage