Door Threshold Caulking Repair

Anytime you run into a situation like this, where the concrete on the exterior is even more level with the concrete on the interior, you're going to have problems.

The water on the outside will eventually work its way inside the home. Once this happens, the house can suffer from water damage and we all know that water damage, can lead to wood rot and mold.

This concrete sidewalk will need to be removed and lowered in order to fix this problem. That's going to be a lot of work but this problem isn't just affecting the doorway. It's also affecting the stucco and wall framing at the bottom of the exterior wall.

Moisture from the ground can now be pulled up into the stucco, through the sidewalk and into the wood framing. A constant supply of moisture will eventually start to rot the wood framing and interior drywall.

You will also increase the chances of mold growing on the interior. If there are kitchen cabinets on the other side of this wall, you might not even see the mold growing, especially if it's growing in between the wood cabinets and the interior wall.