Exterior Stair Step Damage

I took this picture while looking at an apartment building where the stairway led up to two apartments.

The problem with wood stairs is their exposure to the weather and moisture, they will suffer from problems like this eventually if they are not properly maintained.

The stair tread damage here is creating a safety problem and will need to be repaired immediately. The stairway should have been either put out of commission or fixed.

I see this problem frequently at apartments where people are afraid to tell the owners and will put up with this as long as they live there. Most of them will walk up the stairs carefully while warning their friends and family members as they come over to visit.

To solve this problem most apartment owners should either visit their properties more often or have someone for the tenants to report these problems to as soon possible.

This stair tread really creates a problem if someone needs to move a large piece of furniture like a refrigerator up or down the stairs.