New Door And Damaged Jamb

Someone has installed a new door in back of this house. They did not replace the door jam and it looks like it needs some repairs and paint.

Whenever you run into a situation like this, while doing your home inspections, you should always find out why the door was replaced. If you're thinking about purchasing this house and you find out, that the door was actually kicked in, because someone broke into the house. This could prompt you to find out a little more about the neighborhood.

Looking at the door jam and the paint damage. Gives me clues that the door was destroyed by moisture. Find out where the moisture is coming from before this door is also destroyed in the near future.

When you do a home inspection for yourself, you can find the answers to questions that a licensed home inspector has no interest in knowing. They're only inspecting the home for damage and to fill out a report if there are any problems, directly related to the house.

You on the other hand, as a potential homeowner, will have it in your best interest to gather as much information about the neighborhood, surrounding areas, crime and other things that could affect your home purchase decision.