Patio Joist Attached To Fascia

Whenever you see a patio joist attached to the roof fascia board there is a good chance the patio was not permitted because most building departments do not allow this.

I'm not saying this patio will ever fall down and I have seen situations like this where the patio never does any damage to the fascia board and will last a long time.

Most covered patio joists will need to attach directly to the house and be fastened with lag screws into the wall studs.

In situations like this I have the seen the patio joists actually hold moisture where the joist butts up against the fascia board and will eventually damage the fascia board and the patio joists.

Most of the time this damage is caused from moisture on the roofing materials that eventually works its way down to the fascia board on a daily basis. Normally I run into situations like this near the beach areas where condensation levels blanket the roofing with water early in the morning, later drying out towards the afternoon.