Plant Debris In Street

When driving through neighborhood for a home inspection keep an eye out for trash or debris in the street. While I was driving through this neighborhood I noticed small amounts of debris all over the neighborhood in the street gutter areas.

This neighborhood was built around the 1960s and had large trees growing throughout the neighborhood. These trees constantly shed their leaves and pine needles eventually leading into the street gutters.

These leaves and pine needles could eventually block the water drainage entrance to the underground drainage system creating water to build up in the streets and not drain properly. This would of course create flooding the street.

If you see plant debris in the street try to locate the water drainage entrance which will usually be located in the street gutter area. Once you find the water drainage entrance look to make sure it is not blocked by plant debris or trash.

Plant debris in the streets will not usually create a big problem but if there are a few large trees above your property on the same street you could find yourself cleaning your gutters constantly from someone else's yard waste.

Something to think about when buying a house.