Replaced Floor Joist Problem

If you look close enough at this floor joist, you will see that it has already been replaced and does not match the existing floor joist.

Hard to imagine that someone replaced this floor joist and now it's going to be replaced again. It doesn't look that old and I would assume that it was replaced with in the past couple of years.

I know that the bathroom was remodeled within that period and I would assume, this was when it was replaced. However I don't know what caused the damage before.

This time the damage was caused by a leaking bathtub and shower enclosure. The damage you are looking at here is on the other side of the bathroom. The damage on the other side is pretty bad, most of the bathroom floor had to be replaced.

The damage to this floor was caused by water, leaking in between the bathtub and the tile shower surround. There were a few more areas that were also contributing the damage.

Amazing what water can do to wood in a relatively short period of time.