Roof Ridge Damage

This ridge damage was caused by poorly installed roofing materials. While examining the roofing, I found out that that building paper that is applied before the roof shingles, did not overlap at the ridge.

Someone had actually stopped the roofing roofing paper on both sides, instead of lapping it correctly. This is a good example of what a inexperienced roofer can do to a home.

This is not a case where additional building materials needed to be used. In other words the contractor was trying to save money. This is a case where the roofer simply applied the materials incorrectly.

Most homeowners do not have the time to watch the building professionals or contractors that they hire to make sure they are doing the job correctly and every once in a while I run into a situation like this. I hate to see problems like this because they could have been easily avoided.

Remember as a homeowner, your roofing protects the rest of the house and should be maintained or replaced if necessary.