Stair Stringer Headout Problem

This stair stringer is in a bad spot. There was no support for the lower section of the stair stringer and over time could split, causing the entire stairway to collapse.

The entire stair stringer, should have been raised so that it would be sitting on the stair head out, at the floor landing.

This set of stairs was definitely done by someone with very little experience, building stairs. This stairway looks like it was built recently and I would imagine within five years could become a safety hazard.

This kind of stuff is not uncommon in low income neighborhoods. I don't know if the building owners, just don't care enough to repair the the buildings properly or if they themselves, have no idea what the finished product should look like.

My biggest problem with a situation like this is that eventually it will become a safety problem and someone could get hurt. Could you imagine this stairway collapsing, while a couple of people are moving a refrigerator up or down it.