Stucco Filler Poor Repair

Here's a good example of a poor stucco repair that is located on the building exterior. Someone looks like they shoved some paper into hole and filled it with caulking.

They really bring it to your attention when they decided to paint the stucco with a color that doesn't even match the wall, but does match some of the trim on different parts of the home.

Figuring out why the hole is even there in the first place will be your job as the home inspector. Make sure you look on the other side of the wall to find out if there are any electrical wires or plumbing pipes behind the stucco damage.

This hole would not be hard to fix with the proper building materials and knowledge. Don't forget you can always hire a stucco contractor to repair problems like this.

Make sure you fix problems like this as soon as possible. Holes on the building exterior can cause damage to other parts of the house.