Stucco Wood Trim Missing

Looks like somebody had color coated around the original smooth concrete finish or a piece of wood trim that could have been used for a gate or fence.

These clues can provide a home inspector with a little more information about the property.

One of the clues about this house is that it has been re color coated and now you should pay close attention to the condition of the color coat.

Some stucco contractors will install the color coat over a painted surface which does not allow the product to bond very good.

Try to find out if there has been any paint applied to the stucco prior to the installation of the new color coating.

You can simply look at the bottom of the building because this is where most of the damage will be. You'll be looking for flaking or peeling stucco, or missing sections of color coating.

Use these home inspection clues to your advantage while inspecting a home you are thinking about purchasing.