Termite Damage Under Stucco

Most termite damage under stucco is going to be difficult to find. If the stucco has wood over or in the stucco its self the damage might be easier to find.

If the stucco has signs of structural failure this to provide you with clues of potential termite damage. So in other words look for large cracks in the stucco or sections of the building that appear to be separating or damaged.

The bad news here is the only way to really tell if there is visible termite damage under the stucco would be to actually remove the stucco for examination.

There are other clues to look for while doing a home inspection for stucco damage that might not necessarily relate to termite damage but nevertheless would fall into the category of house damage. This damage of course would need to be repaired eventually whether it was termite's or poor workmanship.