Wood Trim Around Sliding Door

By looking at the wood trim that was installed around the sliding glass door I can assume this door was replaced at one time.

This looks like a creative carpenter assembled this wood trim door package in order to give you the feeling that this door had always been here.

This door is under a covered patio and would get very little water from the roof, but could get some moisture from someone cleaning the patio off with a garden hose.

The inside of the house could actually have wood trim around the door also, wood is another way of covering up repairs or damage.

Stuff like this will give a trained home inspector clues to look closely at other repairs done to the rest of the home. Sometimes these repairs are done by a carpenter who understands wood framing but does not understand electrical or plumbing very well.

Some homeowners on the other hand will do anything to their home without any experience and however it turns out is perfectly fine with them.

It seems like a lot of these home repairs are what I spend most of my time fixing as a building contractor.

Some of these homeowners will go down to their local home improvement centers and ask an inexperienced building professional for advice on the installation of a product like a sliding glass door.

These so called building professionals sometimes have never even put in a sliding glass door and are using the advice from another so called building professional and passing it on to you.

Be aware as a homeowner who you get your information from, it could actually do more harm than good to your confidence and home.

Just because someone wears a shirt or a uniform, they should not be allowed to give advice to people just because they want to sell something from their store.