Brick Pavers Stairs

I put this page on brick paver stairs in the home inspection clue area to give you an idea of how someone could cover a cracks, damage or stains in an existing stairway.

Do not assume that there is or isn't any damage when you see something like this while inspecting a home. However if you see something that looks new or recently remodeled, pay attention, ask questions and try to get information about the remodel.

Examining the pavers on the stairway in this situation, they do not look new or damaged. Most of the damage to stairs with brick papers will be cracks or loose pavers.

This damage is usually caused from moisture working its way through the porous pavers.

Remember while doing home inspections, anything that has been recently replaced or repaired could lead to other clues and eventually uncover more damage to the house.

Some homeowners that are selling their homes would rather repair something to cover up major damage, for financial reasons (in other words once the home is sold it is no longer there concern, is their way of thinking). If this is the case and you are purchasing a home, you could find yourself with some major expenses down the road.