Busy Street Problems

I am trying to get out of this neighborhood in my truck, it took about two minutes and that was at one o'clock in the afternoon. When the street wasn't very busy at all.

Peak traffic hours seem to be early in the morning and later in the evening while people are on their way to and from work.

Busy street problems are things most homeowners don't seem to notice because they are either excited about the new home purchase, the price of the house or maybe they have never lived near a busy street before.

Either way busy streets create traffic accidents and could be hazardous to your health. This street also has a visibility problem on the other side where you can't see the cars coming to good in the opposite direction.

Now busy streets create a lot of noise and this should be something to consider if you're looking for a quiet neighborhood.

If you've never lived near a busy street before this could be something overlooked by potential homeowners. These are problems that don't seem to come to your attention until you move into the house and by then of course it's too late unless you want to start the process of moving all over again.

When doing your own home inspection pay attention to the neighborhood and everything around it for potential problems that you might not be able to deal with. Some of these problems include busy shopping centers, business areas, industrial complexes and even schools.

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