Drive To House Mail Box

Here's a problem that some homeowners won't even think about until they have purchased the house and have to start picking their mail up, quite a distance from their home.

If you don't see a mailbox in the front of your house, in the door or near the door, find out where your mailbox is located.

This can also become a problem if a mailbox like the one in the picture above is located in front of your home. This means all of your neighbors will picking up their mail on a regular basis in front of your house.

If you are the type of person who enjoys their privacy this could become very irritating after a while. I've seen other homeowners leave their trash or junk mail in front of these mailboxes, with no concern for the people who have to clean up the mess.

The biggest problem here for most homeowners is the distance the mailbox is away from their home. It might not seem like a big concern now but nevertheless you should give this some consideration, because over time it could become quite a hassle.