Narrow Street

Narrow streets can create traffic hazards in residential areas. In a situation like this once a week when people set their trash cans out it can narrow the street even further.

The problem of course is when two cars are trying to pass each other in this could become a even bigger problem when you have two large vehicles.

This narrow street is the entrance into a neighborhood where the other streets seemed to have plenty of room. Keep in mind this narrow entrance is a one way entrance and exit for around a hundred houses.

Narrow streets seem to be a big problem in beach areas or oceanfront properties where houses are crammed together and some streets are only wide enough for one car to pass through.

Narrow streets will not be as big of a problem the fewer houses its services or even a private road to one home.

If the private road is just wide enough for one car with no turnouts this could be a problem when two cars need to pass each other.

Keep in mind some roads or driveways are easements of other people's property and this could create a problem because you're actually driving through somebody's property to get to your property.

If the property you are thinking about purchasing use someone else's property as an easement road to access your property it would be a good idea to talk to these people to see if they are friendly and do they have a problem with the easement as a driveway.

Something to think about even if these people are friendly and everything seems to work great they could still sell their property to someone who might not be happy with the easement on their property. This would of course create problems for you.