Neighborhood Furniture Outside

Furniture outside of a house in the front yard is a good sign that you really might not be in an affluent neighborhood. Now the problem here is this is a duplex and at least two families live on the property. If one family does not like the furniture outside there could be very little they could do about the situation.

This house is at the end of the street in a residential neighborhood and I would imagine very few people ever see it. This probably gives them in privacy where they can actually do something like this with out creating a nuisance for their neighbors.

Just because people have furniture on the outside of their house does not make them bad people. The problem arises when you are inspecting a neighborhood for the possibility of purchasing a home and you notice something like this.

If this is something that bothers you it could be something you might have to deal with for a long time if you choose to purchase a home in the neighborhood.

If people have furniture outside of a house you can contact your local government or city to find out if they are breaking any laws by having the furniture outside.

Some city code enforcement will not tolerate furniture or debris outside of a house for a long period of time whether it is in the front or the back of the house.