New Fascia Back Not Painted

Whenever you see wood that has not been painted recently, this is a good sign that it could have been replaced. In the picture above the roof fascia board was replaced and new roofing was installed in order to sell the home.

These are simple little signs that are hard to find while doing a home inspection. I personally did not find this until my second trip to the house.

Once you find signs that the wood has been replaced it will be a good idea to find out why it was replaced. If there is no one to ask these questions to, you will have to start looking for termite damage, water damage or even wood rot in other areas of the house.

Sometimes a freshly painted house will be one of the most difficult to inspect.

This home actually had signs of water damage on the interior of the garage. Even though the roofing has been replaced, the roof eaves have been stuccoed and we will not be able to see if they are damaged.